Propecia dosage

propecia dosage

LOVING THE RAPID GROWTH SCALP SERUM. I want to share with you my review on the Rapid Growth Scalp Scalp Serum. I own a salon and have a newsletter in Los Angeles, California for tips on growing hair longer. I have had alot of people ask me about the Rapid Growth Scalp Serum in the past so therefore I decided to order it and try it for myself. I read some reviews first and seen comments regarding taking a long time to receive the product. The website does say it takes up to 6 weeks and after calling customer service before placing the order I asked the question of  ”why it takes so long to receive the product”. Come to find out the product stays on backorder because of the high demand, plus the company didn’t really expect such large quantities of orders, that they simply had to actually produce more of the serum. My order came in about 4 weeks and I started using it immediately.

I was a bit surprised to see results within 2 weeks, although not much at first, but if you are paying close attention to your hair when using it you will notice it. After the 4 weeks I noticed even more growth but I do have to warn you that you should wash your hair more often because it tends to leave a build up that appears like dryness. The scalp is not dry, the product  just needs washing out after a couple of applications and then reapplied. I think the product deserves a fair review because more people tend to want to leave bad comments because usually they are upset with customer service, people who are happy with the product never seem to leave good reviews, they just continue to order. This blog is to get people who use the product to share their experiences, not for the people who can’t be patient enough to wait for the product to be shipped to them. That is not fair for the company. The product is good, IT WORKS, and well worth the wait. I will continue using the product for a couple of months and give you an update later.

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