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buy generic propecia online

It’s known around the world that as men grow older they may lose their hair. Bald is Beautiful campaigns have sprouted up all over the place highlighting the attractiveness of bald men. Some women will only date those who are bald which has given rise to a new found confidence in men. Those with receding hairlines will often just go all out and completely shave their heads because they’d rather take it all at once than watch it wither away or be forced to comb their hair over the bald spot. Instead of taking drastic measure to shave the head be sure to examine both hair restoration and hair replacement therapies. This male pattern baldness is called androgenetic alopecia. Baldness is not limited to men. More and more women have thinning hair as they get older.

Unlike the bald is beautiful campaigns for men, women who do not have hair are generally considered to be unattractive. Since women get pride and confidence from their looks, a thinning or diminishing head of hair is very emotional. Hats and scarves can cover up the problem but cannot replace it entirely. Again, like men, women should be sure to check out hair restoration and hair replacement therapies. Female baldness is also considered to be categorized as anrogenetic alopecia. Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that treats hair loss. This works by transplanting hair from a permanent area to the balding region of the head. These permanent areas can be arms, legs, armpits or genital regions.

By removing these follicles in groups of four or follicular units only to implant on the balding area of the head is the essence of hair replacement. Historically this procedure has been performed on men, but as female pattern baldness increases, so do the procedures. This also is performed to replace hair lost from eyebrows or any other area that requires cosmetic enhancement. In some cases burns or injuries remove hair from parts of the body, and hair restoration is proven successful. To remove the hair groupings or follicular units a special tool, the follicular unit extractor, is used. By using this device to remove hair from one part of body it can then punch 1 millimeter holes in the head implanting the follicles. This dual purpose instrument is essential in transplanting hair successfully. Only trained practitioners should perform this type of surgery and there is no at home method suitable for this procedure.

For those not interested in going the surgical route medicines have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has approved Propecia for men suffering from male pattern baldness while the common Minoxidil has been granted approval for use in both men and women. Commercials promoting the use of these medicines as increased the awareness of pattern baldness as well as reduced the negative stigma associated with seeking help for this ailment. Both men and women can hold their heads high when purchasing these medicines because they are taking a step closer to cosmetically enhancing their life and their emotional nature.

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buy generic propecia

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